The importance of the good use of Sunscreen

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause serious skin problems, so it is very important to know the risks related to solar radiation, as well as the proper use of sunscreen, at a time when temperatures are high, and more dangerous radiation.

In this sense, the scientists maintain that “the human being needs to be exposed to the sun, because it generates benefits for the skin such as the synthesis of vitamin D. However, prolonged exposure and in hours when solar radiation is higher, will cause damage because in the solar spectrum we have ultraviolet radiation, which is very energetic radiation, therefore it is really dangerous. If we did not have the ozone layer, the existence of life on earth would be seriously compromised.”.

Regarding ultraviolet radiation and its ability to cause skin burns, the academic maintains that for many years bronzers were misused as sun protection cosmetics, which although they protected from short-wave rays (UVB), they let through the longwave rays (UVA), which, being less energetic, reached a deeper level in the skin, reaching the dermis, achieving a tanned tone.

However, according to experts, “with the advancement of cosmetic science, it began to be understood that this long-wavelength (UVA) also had such a deep penetration into the skin that when it reached the living skin cells, it was responsible for the photo-aging process, but even more serious, it caused alterations in DNA, which was one of the causes of skin cancer”.

The professors add that because of this today “we are not talking about tanning but sunscreen. It is necessary to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation, to avoid changes or mutations in the cells and try to protect ourselves against skin cancer and photo-aging.”

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