UK Sun

An unprecedented sunny spell of 10 weeks with no rain was the longest such period in UK history since 1976!….. It has done wanders for our UK sales.
I’m glad to say we kept up with all bulk and customer orders.
As you know we are all one close family in this company and we value your support and friendship.
A little taste of UK Summer 2018. This photo was taken on the coast of Cornwall at the start of June. On days like this who would want to be anywhere else?

Another Sunny Day in Cornwall

We had the whole family out to the beach and although the oldies were wrapped up the children all needed their organic Pure Gold sunscreen to spent the whole afternoon playing.

Kids Need Sun Protection

…. Unfortunately weather is back to normal so our usual suspects are now selling the most….. Spain, Italy and France and Germany have all been enjoying sweltering weather in the high 30s and 40s deg C. Factor 30 or 50 needed there!


Congratulations to Johnathon Burrows who has doubled this months order for Queensland Australia to 4 crates. That’s amazing work!

Stephan Krutz in Germany has done great due to the high temperatures there. 2 crates of factor 30, 3 months in a row!

Miguel Parrilla in Spain has knocked it out of the park again with 3 crates each month since May.

We are going to be offering 5 % further discount to anyone buying more than 100 bottles of any size of any product until the end of September. Remember the product has a 5 year shelf life so what you don’t sell this season can either be sold next summer or traded on to another distributor through here.

Anyone using DHL will be pleasantly surprised this month as their pricing for packages between 1kg and 5kg has dropped significantly.

We continue to sell Pure Gold products in Euros which is still treating us well with quite a lot of stability.